The Sonics, a renowned multidisciplinary company of Italian origin but with international resonance, offer performances that blend acrobatics, dance, music, and special effects.

With a history of appearances at prestigious events around the globe, from stadiums to theaters, they captivate the global audience with their creativity and dynamism.

Their commitment to artistic excellence and acrobatic innovation is reflected in their ability to create unforgettable experiences.

Their success over more than twenty years is evident in participations at festivals like the B-Fit in Bucharest, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival,the JAX of Riyad, the National Day in Doha, and the closing ceremony of Timisoara, Capital of Culture 2024.

All stage elements are original and self-produced, a distinctive sign of their unique style.

The company continues to perform tirelessly with the passion of those who want to bring the concept of Wonder to life.